Tuesday, 31 July 2012

As Dawn Steals A Kiss

As light begins to embrace darkness,
Dawn steals a kiss from the East

Woman, her skin parched and thirsty,
Calls out to her feet.
"Take us to the Apple Orchard. 
There you can ~ dance upon the dew~ 

Perhaps, not as lofty a quest, as the ~ walk upon the water ~
But the ordinary is miraculous also, is it not?"

With great lust, amused and rowdy feet answer the call
And woman is caught up in a moment.

Her fevered lips press against delicate blossoms
And as she drinks the delicate perfumed elixir
She is taken beyond yesterday's grasp
New Beginnings

Ode to a face

A map and compass

When I take time to be with you, you show much

The winds and tides that Life's storms have hurled in paths tread

You bear the scars

But the storms ragings, were no match


Fore a lion's heart, still shines in those eyes

Radiating...spilling over

Making cheek bones glow

And lips part and grin to receive love and kisses

Eagerly and with more wisdom

"Come Life!" you dare, "Come Dance with me.
Come let me embrace you, now knowing, what I know!"

Our Gardens

You tend to your garden 

And I'll tend to mine.

Then all will be cared for,

There will be balance and harmony

And all will be well in the Kingdom of the Heart.

Within the Walls Where I Once Drew Tiny Breaths

Within the walls where I once drew tiny breaths and saw life unfold

Where I first broke bread and filled my cup with dry pieces of crust

A sprinkle of sugar, a measured pour of canned milk, topped with boiling water

 There was little talk
Words, too, were rationed

Silence clung to his footsteps like a shadow

Stilling every tongue and quieting movements

... but just outside the door ...

(The one with plastic wrap tacked over its broken window)
There was grass and sky, woods and river

Places and spaces I ached for

I could not have described for you the nature of those longings
To do so would have required words beyond my ken

Words I never heard

Did their eyes see what I saw?
Did their ears hear what mine heard?
If they did ...
They never shared a whisper of it with me

Within the Walls where I once drew tiny breaths I was surrounded but alone

Perhaps they were too

The Wind Called Out My Name

"The Wind called out my name and tugged and pulled at the hem of my skirt, refusing to be ignored. 

Annoyed I turned on my heel,
 "What do you want?" rushed off my tongue "I'm very busy" 

The Wind sighed "You use to open your door to seek me, to smell me, to taste me. 
You use to loosen your hair free from your hair combs just to have my scent flow through it.
 But for some time now you've been lost to me, and to your own nature.  I've come to reclaim you."

"Thank you." was all I could say...

A Gentle Reminder to Self

Whether we would like to, 

we can not control other people. 

Whether we approve or understand other's choices, 

they do not require our approval or understanding. 

We can choose to take offense to other's contradictory life choices, 

or we can get busy with the actual living of our own very precious life 

and let them live their very precious life, their way.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Let me

Let me dig deep into your soul

Become one with Ivory bone

Know the harmony

Of your blood's song

Find the place where I belong

Let my footsteps echo in your mind

Journey with you through space and time

Let me turn you inside out

Breathe the breath from your sweet mouth

Sacred She (a film project by Renee Laprise)





The Ultimate Canvas

Life is meant to be lived

It's the ultimate canvas

So dive into your life

Take what delights and engages you 

And splash

Splatter, stain, smear, spray

Dab, plaster, slap on, smudge 

And spread 

Your "living" all over the spaces and places you find yourself in

Would you consider...

Consider being Riotous:

Why not riot against our preset notions and limitations that hinder compassion? Let's riot and challenge ourselves to dig deeper and explore how we can more fully express love, honour, reverence and acceptance toward ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries, our world. 

Consider nurturing your Bella:

Why not invest in nurturing your Bella? We all have a Bella within. All of us, Men and Women. That place of beauty and fairness within us. When we find the chatter in our heads is being less than charitable, why not allow our Bellas to take the lead and remind us, that these are opportunities to show beauty and fairness and reverence?





Goddess of Anger

She was deceived
She wailed so loud she disturbed the sound sleep
Of the Goddess of Anger

Resenting the intrusion
Her Goddess went looking for the cause
And could scarcely believe her ears and eyes

You see, proud goddesses 
Pride themselves on being very clever creatures
And the Goddess of Anger was indeed Proud

A goddess can tolerate much pain
But being deceived?


With fury as her fuel, the Goddess of Anger started gathering up the chains that bind
And issued a Decree 
A Decree that stated that the following letters be immediately branded on his very Soul


Goddess of Chaos

She discovered a a very early age

The intense appeal of red buttons and switches

Toggles and turners that are only out of reach

Until ~ you extend yourself beyond the usual

Until ~ you stand on tiptoe and give it every inch of yourself

And she discovered much is possible
If one wants it badly enough

For as long as she could remember

Her Goddess of Chaos was always whispering rebellious suggestions

Yes, this trigger happy goddess

Delighted in teaching 

The detailed and in depth meaning of "The Butterfly Effect"

That it is possible, for very small incidents to produce 
Unexpected and occasionally drastic results

Goddess of Excess

Another glass of  wine?
Another Chocolate?
One more tiny purchase?
One more hour "Out and About"?
One more Kiss?

What could it hurt, hmmmmmm?

The Goddess of Excess loved to make her daily visits
Catherine Ann found her both delightfully neighbourly and agreeable!

Goddess of Fear

She wondered, "What had she done to deserve something so wonderful?"

Try as she might
She could not recollect any coup
She'd ever undertaken that would grant her such bliss

So ...
What if it wasn't wonderful at all?
What if she just thought it was?

With that thought 
The door opened
And entered her Goddess of Fear

Goddess of Jealousy

When he started talking about that other woman's pie

She knew it was to late...

Her green eyed goddess had heard every word

And was already plotting the pie's demise.

Goddess of Joy

She sings ~ whistles ~ blows bubbles ~ still chases butterflies

Her lips are always parted slightly

Ready to release the laughter

That gurgles it's way up through her entirety

Erupting like a geyser

A knowing and playful goddess

With dark nebulae eyes that hold the secret rapture of the wild

The primal

The new

"Do it." She whispers "Revel in who you are. Be a joyful girl!"

Goddess of Opportunism

From the darkest 
Murkiest depths of Soul

The Goddess of Opportunism stands guard
A self-proclaimed sentry the Goddess keeps quiet watch
Her keen dark eyes and sharp ears miss nothing

Beware when approaching mortals
For the Goddess believes that Rules of Engagement only apply 
As long as they Do Not Get In Her Way

Princely Troubadours

Would Be suitors, you sing to me having migrated to your breeding pond
All the night long you court me with your lively mating song

As I lie in my bed eavesdropping on you troubadours of princely green
I marvel and delight at the thought, that I may have been chosen your beloved Queen

I imagine you...watchful, eager with handsome green bodies adorned with bronze and brown
Banjos with loose strings strapped to your bodies tightly, as you hop around

Yellow throats bursting open with hopeful songs of praise
For all eligible green ladies with lovely long green legs

Long may you live and may your homes be filled with throngs
Of charming little boys like you, who fill our lives with song

I Love How We Dig Each Other

I love how we "DIG" each other

Each of us, the Archaeologist of one another



Recovering each other's linguistics, phrases and chemistry

Unearthing from within each other

Sacred pieces of our beings forgotten



And pieces not yet known to our conscious selves.

Riotous Bellas

Riotous Bellas

Delight in the Dance

Stay out much to late

To wriggle and prance

Not for a moment

Do they hesitate

In their frenzied storming of Revelry's Gate

Riotous Bellas

Flushed and sublime

Drink deep of the music, laughter and wine

Favoured Sounds

There is a surge of emotion that rises instantly from deep within when I hear favoured sounds

A primal rhythmic piece of music

The contented sigh of a loved one

The crackle of a fire

A whispered secret


These waves of energy are magickal to me

They enter our bodies and move through us

Merge with our souls

Taking us from where we were just a short moment ago,

To another realm

A delightful, expansive, intimate place within.


Skinny Dipping

Going skinny dipping on a warm night in July
Got my blanket, some Chardonnay
And one big happy Smile
I know a quiet stretch of shoreline
It is so sublime
For dressing down for skinny dipping
On a warm night in July

Not a care does my heart own tonight
The moon is full 
The tide is high
And yes, the time is right
And as I run  I start to peel 
The layers that fence me in
I’m running down that sandy strip
Back to how we all began

Going skinny dipping on a warm night in July
All I got for company is 
Ocean and sky
I love this quiet stretch of shoreline
It just suits me fine
For dressing down for skinny dipping
On a warm night in July

My heart is beating lighter
My skin no more a slave
Emancipated flesh and bone
Just dreaming on a wave ~~~~~
You know the hands of time
Don’t ever wait for any gal or guy

Gonna run into this moment
Gonna dive into this moment
And just float upon the moment
Skinny Dipping on a warm night in July

The Goddess of Love

From the perspective of a goddess, 
love can be found everywhere
in people, in animals, in nature, in objects, and in moments.

And the Goddess of Love continues to bring the willing to love's banquet table 
and her disciples continue to feast with odd and hungry hearts.

I Know...

I Know...the joy of the Fey. 

It lives in the rising of the early morning mist 

And in sea and sun drenched girls.