Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Her/His Neptune
So many light years away
Kept defying gravity
Of Space and of Consequence

His/Her Neptune
So fierce, so determined
Would have its say
Neptune is like that


And She/He were absolutely Neptunites
Head to toe
And They spun silently in space

The End.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope images


Reach out for me
Take my hands and let them be
Sanctuaries for what you hold in your depths

Lean upon my shoulders
Let them be your cup
A sanctuary to carry your tears

When loneliness comes
Dark and Deep
Remember I light a candle every night for you

Monday, 2 March 2015

Unchecked Emotions

Emotions rabid
Frothing and foaming at their mouths
Cannibalistic feasting on their host

Neoplasmic feeders
Swallowing whole
Every morsel and droplet

Till there is no place left
For peace, for quiet
For deep love