Thursday, 16 May 2013


"What is it you're really about anyway?" 

Why is it you want to know? 
Is it the words that flow off my tongue
Or my actions that have stirred up this need for clarity?
In your mind, do I requiring pigeon holing?
So you can sort through the assemblage that is me
Keep what pleases you and throw the rest away?

How sad ... for us both

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Wriggle out of last years limitations!

Stretch beyond the confines of those outdated walls!

The safety of that cocoon no longer fits your glorious wings

Break free and fly

And as you soar to new heights

May ♥ curiosity, ♥ a desire for peace and ♥ lust for life 

Fill your lungs with a fire 

That tempers and strengthens all you breathe upon.

The Wonder That Is You

A wonder made of flesh and bone 
How glorious it is to watch you move

The grace of hand as you skip the stone
Your narrowed gaze and confident attitude

Every step bold and surefooted as you roam
How glorious it is to watch you move