Friday, 31 January 2014

Music Afternoon in Heaven

He'll take out his fiddle
next to come will be his bow
He'll adjust all the strings
With reverence, nice and slow

He'll hold on to both proudly
And when the time is right
He'll join in with the others
And play with all his might

When he finds that Perfect moment
He'll catch it with both hands
Tucking fiddle under chin
And striking bow so grand

And joy will fill the room
accidental chords race upon the air
As his foot stomps out A rhythm
Heaven's floor will bounce beneath his chair

Some will think it's thunder
But God and We will know
It's music afternoon in Heaven
And Kenny's hosting the show

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Awakening to a new day
Hot breath steamy in the chilly morning air
Eyes still distant with last night's dream clinging

Down ~ Down ~ Down 

Into a new world 
Where a canal flows within a blossom
Where the future is always present

Down ~ Down ~ Down

She dove in taking the whole world
Taking all of creation
Holding it close to her heart

Down ~ Down ~ Down 

Monday, 20 January 2014

All of our Eleventh Sons

If we are fortunate there will come a day
When after having gathered enough courage
We are able to answer the knock
That only the brave heart can hear
A knock that heralds the beginning of a journey
To find all of our eleventh sons
The banished, the beaten and the sold off parts of our past

Exiled and left unattended in our Goshens
They have grown clever, wild, and powerful
Hiding their silver cups in amongst the folds of our days and nights
Triggers readied and holding us ransom
Until they are finally recognized
Until we stand before the world in our totality
Masks down, wounds and bruises uncovered
Vulnerable and cloaked in nothing but a colourful sacred wholeness