Sunday, 30 December 2012

Can You be Just as Sure

Is there a blow dealt, that is more crippling
Than a fist to the already tattered and scarred places within?

Is there a betrayal more devastating
Than to discover the one who dealt the blow is already known to you?

For who knows the paths to these vulnerable places better than those dear hearts you trust?

And no matter if their lovely hands ... or tongues, are wrapped in velvet

They can be sure they'll make their mark.


But Dear Hearts, can you be just as sure
 That your means will always justify the end?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Beauty to be Found

There is beauty to be found when we take time to sift through the ruins

But it takes courage to handle broken shards of what once was 

And it takes willingness to feel the pain

Shed the tears

Howl at the moon

No precious stones or metals here

Just clay, breath, blood and bone

We must become our own alchemists

Heat our own precious life

With the fires of passion and desire for our own sake

For what good are we to the world

If we are no good to ourselves


Monday, 24 December 2012

May Christmas Bless You With

May Christmas bless you with

Love ~ For self, others, Mother Earth and the Creator

Fire ~ That burns brightly in your heart, soul, mind, belly and warms life from the inside out

Reverence ~ For all  the spaces and places life leads you to and away from

Curiosity ~ For the day and all it holds, the moment your eyes start to flutter

Abundance ~ Of food, water, love, joy, time, and a generosity of spirit to want to share it

Peace ~ To rest in the knowledge that you are never alone and everything is going to be okay

A Very Merry Christmas To You All 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Head to Toe Fearlessly

When did we become so afraid of exploring? Of engaging?

As children, we were eager to self govern. We rose out of our beds at the first crack of dawn and were out the door tramping through undergrowth, climbing trees, walking bridge railings with our arms held high in the air above us,  or we were down on our knees and overturning rocks to count the legs and feelers of all the squirming and wriggling rulers in the dark spaces found there.  

But we were present in our lives! We were certain that all of life would welcome our presence and we were eager participants in our relationship with nature. 

Hands on. 

Unaided monarchs of our own back yards, touching life and letting life touch us ~ Loving and learning from the soft tickle of the centipede to the sting of the wasp. Becoming more ...

... head to toe fearlessly.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Their Disapproving Stares

Their disapproving stares could not tame
Nor their prayers quench the fire in her veins

This tempestuous primal bloom with skin that smelled of lavender and tasted like the sea
Had a thorny sting as sharp as the arrogant wasp

"The loss! The loss!" they warned as they tugged and pulled on the hem of her skirt
But she kept walking, staying one step ahead of the fullness of their grasp and her own wind blown shadow

They responded,  "Go then! You are in God's hands now!" 
Their words stopped her and she turned to face them, "Indeed I am. I go gladly ... Perhaps you'd care to join me?"

Steeping You In Your Own Thoughts

Can you feel the liveliness of words as they form in your head and 

slip off your tongue
Each syllable pulsating, merging and finding its rhythm 

Alive ...

Taking root, nourishing the mind with the palatable, digestible and 

the succulent
Riding the winds to the four corners and back

Gathering and giving 

Gathering and taking

Alive ...

Igniting notions and philosophies, fancies and yearnings
Drenching, pulling you under and steeping you in your own thoughts

Alive ...

(photograph taken by Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Swallowing the Ruins Whole

Every tear with its sting busied itself
Gathering from her past
They flew from fragmented piece to piece
Swallowing the ruins whole
The heavy millstones weighing down tiny bellies
Were no match for this resolute air squadron

They were heading to the wilderness to regurgitate her past
Regenerate cell by cell
Rebuild the Lost City
Restore the Land of Milk and Honey
Reclaim the holy and the sacred
Reinforce with cedar's resin

*According to Jack Tresidder's dictionary of symbols, resin signifies immortality, a symbolism based on the 
popular belief that resin is the undying spirit of long-living trees.)