Friday, 21 December 2012

Head to Toe Fearlessly

When did we become so afraid of exploring? Of engaging?

As children, we were eager to self govern. We rose out of our beds at the first crack of dawn and were out the door tramping through undergrowth, climbing trees, walking bridge railings with our arms held high in the air above us,  or we were down on our knees and overturning rocks to count the legs and feelers of all the squirming and wriggling rulers in the dark spaces found there.  

But we were present in our lives! We were certain that all of life would welcome our presence and we were eager participants in our relationship with nature. 

Hands on. 

Unaided monarchs of our own back yards, touching life and letting life touch us ~ Loving and learning from the soft tickle of the centipede to the sting of the wasp. Becoming more ...

... head to toe fearlessly.


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