Friday, 27 February 2015

Her Selkie Keeper


Today I lift up and give thanks for the element Fire

Of Fire of sun and of Gaia`s core
Silently and Steadily
Bringing forth the change of Season

Of Fire of cellular burning brightly
Silently and Steadily
Birthing, dying, and regenerating
Renewing life daily in this body of mine
And in the bodies of my loved ones

Of Fire that burns in Touch and Hugs and Kisses
Silently and Steadily
Unifying me with the vulnerability of my humanness

Of Fire that radiates within my imagination
Silently and Steadily
Igniting `passion and activity`

Of Fire in the furnace and oven
Silently and Steadily
Enveloping me in a cocoon
A safe place
A place to `be broken and to heal`
A place to `break bread and share stories`
A place to `learn and grow,`
A place to `forgive and love`
To Just Be

Thank you.