Monday, 30 July 2012

Chalky Vodka and Waltzing

Tired of "day to day" insanity 

And of "settling" for living a life by default

A bruised heart digs its way out of human made boundaries

Then sets out 

On a determined and uncompromising sojourn of reclamation.

Along the heart's travels, it meets up with a rusty magpie 

With a liking for chalky vodka and waltzing

A wire haired pointer with a predisposition for friskiness and "extra"-marital

And a soft spoken Spanish guitar with strings strung too tightly with the weight of deep secret longings

 And "Never Should have been made" promises that seemed always in need of repair. 

Unaware why their lives have merged at this time

The unlikely quartet move forward with the shadow of certainty always

Just two steps behind them

And perhaps that's as it should be

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