Monday, 27 August 2012

Honestly Woman ...

Feeling more desperate than foolish (mind you, not much more) I sat before Madame Zora.

I'd been told by a good friend that this woman was amazing and I ought to see her, but HONEST TO GOD, I was beginning to wonder if it hadn't been just a cruel joke. 

Madame Zora looked like something that had stepped off a gypsy caravan. She was clothed head to toe in black satin and lace. Wild hair that obviously had not spent much time around a comb framed her wizened face. Bright red lips and fingernails seemed to compete for which could best accentuate nicotine stained teeth and fingers.

But the fortune teller's presence was commanding and her piercing gaze left me squirming, feeling unsettled and exposed so I was relieved when her heavily accented voice finally broke the awkward silence.

"So? What brings you here to me?"

I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come...but as it turned out, there was no need.

"It is good to own one's own life...but it comes at a price, no?" Leisurely passed over red lips

A barely audible "Yes." was all I could muster.

Madame Zora's focus went to the milky white globe in front of her and she let out a softly whispered "I see ..." that sent a shudder travelling from the back of my neck, down my spine to rest in my tail bone.

Photograph taken by Photographer Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison

Madame Zora continued.

"It wasn't that long ago that you believed yourself trapped with nothing left to give
But time and tears are wonderful healers and I see a heart that is full and beats strong
How wonderful that you no longer require distractions to masquerade themselves as cures and salvations!"

Elaborately adorned hands jingled their dime store treasures as they swirled above the magickal white orb.

"Of course...

A long red nail tapped the top of the ball

There is baggage
Choosing to extract oneself from covenants
Right or wrong
It is costly 
And will require time, tears and resolution"

Madame Zora sat back in her chair, her blue eyes assessing every last inch of me. 

"In some ways it would be easier for you to go back to the old familiar way of being
As painful as it was, your head and belly know you physically survived it

You don't know that about this new life you are carving out of faith
Very much like playing with smoke and mirrors, No?
However, I don't believe in going back
What one left behind will always be there waiting for them should they return

BUT, there has been a gathering of debt 
And debts must be paid before we are honestly free to move on 

Madame Zora's hands adoringly cupped the white globe 

So, what does your future tell me?

The future holds much promise
But it demands much
That you be honest
Do the work
Pay all debts
Ask for forgiveness, where needed 
(from others and yourself)
And move forward
Being Bravely and Honestly Woman

Smiling softly, Madame Zora leaned in and held her hand out, palm up .

“That will be ten dollars please."

Photograph by Photographer Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison

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