Friday, 12 October 2012

The Universal Blink

We have all been enlightened by encounters with people. Sometimes it’s an enjoyable experience (*Taking Flight*) and sometimes it is a moment that leaves us speechless.  

All we can do is Blink.

*Blink* is the universal reaction that says "I am astonished, bowled over, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, mystified, perplexed, and taken aback."

They were talking about some differences they were having, adjusting to the day to day with their kids now that they were separated.  They weren't new to the family game, on the contrary, if you were to add their two ages together you'd have a sum of over one hundred years.  

Both had been married twice, divorced once, and here they were, going through that process yet again.  You can be sure that neither was under any illusion that every discussion they would be having at this juncture in their lives was going to be an uplifting and pleasant parley.
So ... they were discussing and honestly trying to keep it clean and clear and be fair with each other but it was proving to be difficult. Past hurts filtered through and coloured their conversation with splashes of angry red and sad disappointed black.
Then came this:

Her: Look at you. You're standing there with your shields up around you and I know I'm no better. We can't seem to talk about anything any more. It's obvious that you take offence to every word I say. You can't stand to listen to me.
Him: It's no different than it's ever been.
Her: That's lovely. Exactly what conclusion am I suppose to draw from that? That you've always been miserable and unhappy living with me?
Him: *Silence*
Her: *Blink*

What do you say when you are brought face to face with the truth that he has never been happy with you ... ever?

"Some things lead us into a realm beyond words." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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