Thursday, 11 April 2013

Consequential Residue

No matter if your head 
is tipped left or right
Or whether a thing is examined
During the day or the night
There you sit, in your debris
Dusty remnants of decisions made much to hastily

Consequential Residue

There you are. But what to do?
Do you approach from the front?
Or approach from the rear?
But what if IT captures you?

What then should you do?

Do you have a sense of humour?
Can you laugh it away?
Or are you pious and proper
And that require that you pray?
Or do you require more effort than even that
Like continual sweeping of your creepage back under your mat?

Should you bag and tag?
Or toss off the bridge?
Should you mount the head of it?
Or stick it to the door of your fridge?
It is just so very much to decide
Whether to display ... or whether to hide

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