Sunday, 8 September 2013

Beyond Walls and Limits

The air around us becomes alive

I can feel its pulse

Just as easily, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest

Every pulsating beat threatens to claim every molecule of air 

And this heart of mine

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

I am never more vulnerable

I am never more alive

On the edge of all this heaven

All that I am is penetrated 

All that you are

Body and Soul
Words and Silence

They all find their way 

They open to me

Swim in my blood

Lifting  red tides coursing through my veins

Drowning in love

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

Oh the bliss 

As hearts, bodies and souls dive

Both are anointed

Lost in the depths of true communion

Drenched and parted lips

Body and Soul
Words and Silence

Oh my love

How I love watching you

The rise and fall of your chest

Even in sleep you pour yourself into me

Immersed and entwined 

Beyond  walls
Beyond limits

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