Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wagging Tongues

Hinged in the middle is their wagging tongue
Tirelessly sharing all that you've done

With any ear that will bend its way
Hoping to turn a double play

To gain sympathy and have their legend live on
Oh! What a triumph for a wagging tongue

Generosity could easily be their middle name
They are so giving with the lion's share of the blame

And although it's irksome to be the target of malice 
In any situation there can be found solace

It's true, hinged tongues delight in "breaking apart"
So details that might conflict they will sidestep from the start

But  (Now,  this is the good part)

In the midst of all that flurry of tongue and ear
The wheat from chaff also becomes quite clear

So, pay attention, watch and see
Who's left standing next to thee

It's not your business anyway, the stuff an injured tongue has to say
 Choose to put it behind you. Head high now, walk away.

For the barbed tongue will always stay busy
And you mustn't indulge in an egocentric tizzy

Let them rob the graves of memories put to rest
Invest in the living! Fuel dreams that serve your future best.

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