Saturday, 18 August 2012

Being "Alive to"

I looked up mindful many years ago and there were lots of words and phrases that appeared after it.
The phrase that stuck with me was 

"alive to"

Imagine that...being "alive to" 
Your emotions
Your choices
 Your actions

Well, this Midsummer's Eve, I, and a bevy of beautiful magickal women
Gathered together to be "Alive To" 

~ To Be Mindful ~

To mindfully release all we had in our lives that no longer served us
(Which made room)
To mindfully invite into our lives what we desired and dreamed we could build our new year upon
And to mindfully give thanks for it all
The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. The Beautiful.

We gathered around a spirited fire with tiny offerings of herbs, glitter and paper
One at a time, loosening the restraints on the past
Setting free what no longer belonged
Making room to welcome what would

And what was left the next day was memories and ashes
And they were gathered and shared 

Beautiful ashes 
Dark, rich and glittering
Containing all our limitlessness and beauty
 All our chaos and humanness
And all the blessings of ...

 "Alive To"

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