Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hissing Cat

Hissing Cat! Why does your back rise up and chaff the sky?

This "ready to rise up and claw" attitude deprives you as much as it protects you.

Are you that fragile? 

Has the creator not given you choice? Inspiration? Intellect? 
Then why are you so hesitant to use them?

Is your life so right? So perfect? So full? 
You have no need for the joy of expansion?

I wonder...
What if your fear, Kitty Cat, is not of the unknown?

But of the known. 

We have drank in indifferent and contemptuous looks.  
And be they assuming or aloof, 
From those we love and know or from those we admire and want in our lives...

Who ever they come from,  they leave a bitter taste.  

Yes, it's hard not to care or let it affect you but this is your life Catherine Ann. 
Your one wild and precious life. 

God gave you the heart of an Adventurer!
 An Explorer! 

So do it! 

And trust in the Creator 
And trust in you 
And trust that Love will always find you no matter where you find yourself.

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