Sunday, 12 August 2012


I am still trying to figure out  "expectation".

When I get up in the morning I expect things;  a floor under my feet,  loved ones looking relatively the same as they did the night before, the car starting, etc, etc, etc. And the fact they continue to happen encourages the expectation.

Expectation has a dark side though, and I've been bitten by expectations I have placed on others that have not been met,  by being unable to meet other's expectations of me and the times I have placed unrealistic expectations upon myself and was crushed under the weight of them.

But what if expectations are direct natural by-products of our chosen daily routines? Simply those ways of being we all have, created from options presented and found, and from preferences and passions explored and simply require that we be mindful that we do not crush others or find ourselves crushed under the weight of the unrealized.

For me, its also consciously making the shift from impatiently waiting for the appearance of my Happily Ever After, to rolling up my sleeves, digging in and getting busy with the messy process of creating my Happiness After.

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