Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tricks and Gimmicks

The ache to know consumed him

He sat before Madame Zora and her Crystal Ball

Crammed in a hot, tiny closet of a room

 That reeked heavily of mildew, nicotine, and cheap perfume

The stench of it almost made him gag

But it was worth it

He had his sights set on a woman

And soon this crazy old woman would tell him how to get to the Land of her Bliss

That delicious place of open lips and warm hips

Gnarled fingers danced over the purple globe

Pulling secrets from it's dark depths

"Ooooh, there is only one way this woman's  favours can be won."  wheezed a heavy smoker's voice.

"How?" the breathless man asked

"Look and see for yourself." red lips whispered as a long crooked finger adorning a red laquered nail pointed to the centre of the magickal sphere, "You must journey through out the Land of Heart, Mind and Soul. That will be ten dollars please." the Madame's voice rasped

"Wait!" he shouted in frustration "What the hell is that suppose to mean? God, what a waste of ten bucks. This is just a damn sham! Tricks and gimmicks performed by showmen!"

(Photo by Wendy Morrison)

The wizened old Madame's eyes narrowed into two tiny slits and she murmured softly, "You try to shame me for using tricks and gimmicks? You who come to consult Madame Zora's ball to find ways to short cut yourself up this woman's skirt? What is that if not tricking? You criticize the showman? The ones who take the time to perfect their craft and take pride in their showing? You want this woman? Then do the work and take pride in perfecting the craft of loving and in showing it. Take time every day and engage her mind. Show her you are capable of deep thought. Touch her heart. Show her that you care about people and the world around you. Honour her soul by showing her the many fathoms of yours. Now! That will be ten dollars please."

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