Friday, 31 August 2012

He is Man

He is man

Sometimes soft
Sometimes hard

Photograph by Photographer Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison

But always a man who walks like a lion
With generosity of Spirit and a fire in his heart.

So many curious parts, that make up the fullness of a man
Beginnings. Middles. Endings.

Sometimes Vexing

But he is made in the image of creation
And there is always beauty in his order and in his chaos

He is man


  1. Hmmm...I see your words...but I feel probably a different form of Man...when your words run across my eyes, I think of myself as a Man...and can connect with a lot of how you visualize "him"...yet so much more. Not sure where this is going, just thought I would speak into your world.

  2. I genuinely thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. If you would like to share with me more about your vision and knowledge of man, I am open to learning. :))

  3. I am continually evolving as a Man. I began as the oldest of 10, raised Catholic, yet now I see with different, perhaps more seasoned eyes. As a Man, I feel for the helpless of this world...the lanky, uncoordinated youth at the bus stop...the old man shuffling across the street, the years of life he carries on his stooped shoulders. I see the curiously shy yet inquisitive girl walking to class at a new school for the first time...her eyes filled with a protective eagerness to step into something new, something scary, and always exhilarating. I have taught middle school...the shy 6th grader to the independent 8the grader. I have taught men to fly use every element of their fabric to be the controlling force in their lives. I have stood at the pinnacle of the ant hill, gazed upward from the depths of the volcano...I have traveled and seen and done much...but in all that...I still tear up when I remember how much fun and love and life there was when my three munchkins were 8,6, and 4...and laughing and playing, and giggling, and loving the fact that Dad was at home to play and be read to and tucked into bed at night. I was a fighter pilot, a father, a scoutmaster, a husband, a brother, a friend to all...yet as a Man, I still kept a part of me separate, aloof, in its own designated area, safe from truly feeling everything...I have taught myself...or been hold back enough as to not appear weak...when in essence, that last 10 percent of opening up would, maybe even could have, made the 10 percent difference in someone else's life. But a Man can only give so much...unlike a Woman who can give her all!!

  4. I'm still processing all you have shared but needed to say thank you for gracing me with such an open sharing of your journey.

    ~ Thank you ~

    Catherine Ann

  5. I believe the way women and men process and respond to life, can be very different. And there are times I feel I have given my all but I can not in all honesty say that that has been my entire life's truth. There have been times I have held back, trying to self protect, but I am at a place where I desire to respond wholly, even when I am afraid.

    I long to see a world for all our children where boys and girls / men and women can respond openly and honestly with one another and know their sameness and differences will be received in warmth and acceptance and I desire to be an active part of the healing required to make that happen. I have come to believe that the first step for me is being brave and allowing folks to see me, all of me ... the dark and the light.

  6. Catherine Ann, you words ring true. We all begin unsure, unsafe, and unfamiliar with what eventually becomes our most solid truth...that what we think/see/be is what is. The differences between men/women, boy/girl is what makes this journey so enjoyable...and if everyone was perfect in their being, how would we know to appreciate that. I like the fact that sometimes, people are not as you a perspective on what is or is not.

  7. Here's to an enjoyable journey for all!

    ~ Blessed Be ~