Sunday, 2 September 2012


An early riser, I usually greet the day before the sun.

Today was no different and my routine treated me to a delicious quietness and a gorgeous view of Luna, soft and glowing.  In that moment I could easily fathom how the ancient Egyptians envisioned our Earth as an egg watched over at night by the moon, seen as a great white bird.
A mother goose watching over her egg.

I felt small and also loved, and connected to something much larger than myself and the landscape around me. I thought about how all our stories are small fragments of the whole that is Creation's story. Mental images and words flooded me.

I have always loved imagery and symbolism and instantly my mind started to symbolically merge form with words and I thought of all the people I have encountered in my life's journey...

And I wonder what their bodies would look like if one were to map them. 

The Physical. The Emotional. The Mental. The Spiritual.

Their strengths and weaknesses
Their struggles and their ease
Their fears and their bravery
Their agonies and their joys

What cartographic symbols would they choose to map their journeys and experiences? 

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