Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sweet Somethings

Photograph by Photographer Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison

The blue eyed gypsy woman leaned back in her chair and took her time assessing the young nervous lad seated at her table ... finally her scandalously red lips parted,  "So? How can I help you?"

Madame Zora's far reaching silent stare had given him the jitters and by the time she asked him what she could do to help, he was so nervous his words gushed out like pressurized water from a busted pipe, "Well, there's this girl and she's really, well, perfect and I know this might sound kinda corny but I want to whisper in her ears, you know, sweet nothings and ... stuff."

Madame Zora's right eyebrow lifted and she sighed "First things first. Sweet nothings?" Madame Zora leaned in conspiratorily "There is no such thing. Let me tell you this; if a girl allows you close enough and long enough to whisper in her ear ...  those words are sweet somethings, and they will be considered promises. So young man, you think about what you are offering, and I wouldn't be too hasty. Few things shatter as hard as broken promises, even the softly whispered ones."

Madame Zora winked and leaned back in her chair. "Now, as for and ... stuff" 

With the dramatic flair of a flamenco dancer, Madame Zora raised both arms into the air, twisting and turning heavily adorned hands before lowering them to caress her all seeing crystal ball.  Finally, having unlocked the secrets held with in it's depths, she looked up with a slow smile, "and ... stuff will soon find its way to you and I believe you will find it very uplifting."

Madame Zora then reached a long slender hand, palm up across the table and softly whispered, "That will be ten dollars please."