Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Elliot, Mr. Johnson and the Pretty Girl with Pink Glossed Lips

Elliot didn't even realize that he had been leaning against the counter staring at her since she walked into the pharmacy. He watched her intently as she examined tube after tube of pink lip gloss.
Just yesterday when he had stocked the shelves with all that girlie stuff, having to make sure they all went where they were supposed to go, he was more than a little annoyed to discover there were so many shades of pink - cotton candy pink, rose petal pink, blush pink, apple blossom pink and on and on!
But now watching her and thinking about the lucky tube she'd finally choose, with its slick little wand and sponge tip, all wet with her preferred shade of pink, gliding over her perfect lips ...well, he was thrilled it was his hands that stocked those shelves. Maybe some of his DNA would even get to her lips!  The thought embarrassed him but made his eyes glow brighter and made his cheeks turn their own shade of freckled pink.
So deeply entranced watching his fantasy girl, and she was his one and only fantasy girl and had been since grade 5,  he didn't realize his boss had been watching him and had now come to rest beside him, a small and compassionate smile turning the corners of his mouth up.

"Pretty girl. You know her?" Mr. Johnson asked.

A little embarrassed, Elliot nodded "Yeah, since 5th grade."

"You're in grade 9 this year?"


"4 years then?"


"Think maybe you'll ask her out this year?"

"I don't even think she knows my name."

Mr. Johnson gave Elliot a gentle slap on his back and whispered, "Well, here's your chance to introduce yourself. She's coming this way."

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