Monday, 24 September 2012

The Wax and Wane

Is it possible for one to know the depth of another's emotions?
Know it so well, so deeply, so profoundly that we too feel it?
That we too are brought to our knees?

If they could tell us;
If they were to try and explain their wax and wane
Their torrent of tears, their raging fears

Would we listen?
Or would we insist
 "You're being unreasonable and emotional. You must stop this."

Are our hearts big enough?
Is there room
For a frightened soul needing to be exhumed?


  1. yes i thing we do.. instinctively we can from years past , an ability buried deep within our DNA that we have chosen through civilization to dismiss either because the feelings of pain or ecstasy are too great to consciously bear

  2. Being an empath I would have to say that for me the answer is yes, it is possible to know another's pain.