Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An Unruly Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts
Tired of simply baking tarts

Decided "Inner Revolution" 
Would be the phrase of the day

She summoned her court and her Knave and King
Stating "Your Queen has something not lovely but unruly to say"

You can imagine, I am sure, how the very notion of such a thing
Caused quite a stir and they all came running, dropping everything

"Please join me in my revolt against usual and everyday
Instead think farther than castle doors; and Advance! Adventure! Play!

Let us meet new folks in the world's other places
Let us dance to the rhythm of their language and beauty of their faces

Let us do it with the eagerness and purpose we hold inside
Let us do it with reverence, curiosity and pride

Let us open our eyes and our hearts and explore
Let us stretch and expand and 
Become so much more"

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