Friday, 5 October 2012

Shadows Don't

Shadows don't come knocking

They just come right through the door

Caution! Prudence! They don't like to be ignored.

And if you turn your back upon their brazen stare

They'll overturn your table and every blessed chair

They'll open every window, every door, in every room
They'll hide your dust pan far away from your broom

Then what will you do with all of that mess
Left lying on your floor to be viewed by your guests

Shadows don't care if they are inconvenient

They salt sugar bowls and they'll spill juice
There's no keeping order with shadows on the loose

They don't care if company's coming and they're not ruled by time
And they don't give a tinker's dam for any deadline

And they'll rant and they'll rave through the night and all day
They're a part of the whole, and they will have their say

So you may as well resign yourself and make a pot of tea
For those will be long nights for Shadow, God and Thee

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