Sunday, 7 October 2012

Things that go Bump in the Night

When we clash, our automatic response is often to flick the light switch on and examine what is taking place. Makes sense,  but often our focus and examination is absorbed in what (or whom) we collide with and we forget to take a close hard look at where we are positioned when things go bump in the night.

How odd that the characteristics of others, that once sparked attraction and admiration can so quickly become seen as aberrations. Men and women who once were admired for their fire, spunk and true grit are now looked upon as difficult, self-serving and contrary. Their once upon a time "amazing" quirks, now seem to only offend and take us by surprise. 

Some say this happens because one finally sees the other as they truly are. Others say it happens when we cease to see the others as they truly are, but rather as we perceive them to be. 

Regardless … there is a danger in trying to harness souls to labels, especially if our intent in doing so is to reduce the magnitude of the other so that we can be comfortable with their presence in our lives.  

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