Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tell me Your Miracles

Tell me...

What are the miracles in your personal mythology?

Your Red Sea?

Like Joshua, have you ever stilled the sun and moon and stopped the hands of time?

Brought back to life what you had believed was dead and gone?

(Photograph is a still taken from Renee Laprise's film "Sacred She")

Tell me...

Where do you keep your miracles?
What do you do with them, after you've willed them into being?

Do you weave together the threads of your miracles creating garments to adorn soul?

Do you climb the mountain and carve their details in stone?

Do you build a fire and invite others to sit and share lore?

So that you never forget
And always remember their importance
So that your legend becomes a page in humanities story  

Tell me...

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