Monday, 21 January 2013

Winter Tears

Emptied and yet heavy with grief
She made the pilgrimage back to the Birch grove
Where once upon a time she played as a child

She made a nest from yesterday's golden and fallen
Crawled in and lie waiting for the North to come 

And mercifully it came

Thick and harsh winter tears
Lay icy and frozen on her lashes
As beneath whitened eyes, stories replayed

Shoving and jostling each other
Among the snowy branches of her ancestral tree
Hungry to be the first retold

Silently, they filled her mind
Beginnings and endings sinking
Into her bones like moons slipping into dawn

And her stories are finally put to rest
And they will remain there, asleep and still beneath her winter tears


Absolvi - to swallow and absorb our loved ones and our own, dark offences. To let these offences find their place in our bones and our marrow and lay them to rest there. Allowing hearts to be free to finally unlock the gates of their purgatory and enter into a new and untouched land, a "state" of grace, perhaps with the one you love, perhaps not ... but more importantly, with yourself and with your soul intact." - Madame Zora

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