Saturday, 19 January 2013

Still You Pour Forth

Loss slows your flow to a trickle
Still you pour forth
Refusing this day to be held back

Filled with need to blend with life 

This is a muscular yearning 
A deep restless longing
A hunger that gnaws it’s way through winter
A known but unfound source
Spurs the disturbed soul to sing
A whispered and half forgotten tune strung out over a pale blue January sky

Nature’s song
Filled with forgotten scents and sounds of warmth
Apple blossom and hum of bee
Sea spray and gull’s cry
Thighs rustling against ripening wheat
How it completely arouses ~ possesses

Oh to kiss life fully on its lips and with trembling arms, to fully embrace it

(photograph taken by Photographer Wendy Metcalfe-Morrison)

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