Thursday, 17 January 2013

The House of Blue

Visions flash through my head
As she rises from the dead
The girl I use to be
Sometimes she calls out to me
I grab my keys and I'm out the door
Heading to a place I've lived before
An old dirt road and a house of blue
Back to the girl that I once knew

Once upon a time her life was mine
Once upon a long ago time

Sitting on the side of that road
Seeing her with her bedlam load
Two little ones and a long journey
I reach out to pull them close to me
Lessons to learn, oh, she learned them well
Broke me free from a Sleeping Spell
Sacrificed all that she knew
To set me free from a house of blue

Once upon a time her life was mine
I owe that girl for a long ago time
She carried the life that was mine