Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Your Lovely Crown of Righteousness

You say you're moving forward?

But how can that be
When clinging to the past
How can the future be seen?

You frown and glare
And yes, it's your choice

You rant and rave
Well, at least  you've found your voice

Convinced you are entitled

You sit and fume
Wearing your lovely crown of righteousness
In your cold damp tomb

And you seek with zealous fervor
Those who never change their minds

The dependable, the scrupulous and virtuous
Those who never cross the line

Well I'm sorry to say

They simply don't exist
Except for those found on
Imagination's list


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  2. Hello.

    My name is Catherine Ann.

    I am an artist.

    I have absolute reverence for art.

    It stirs my soul and lifts me to an exhilarating place within myself - and just as importantly - without myself.

    In this place I can find opportunities to confront what is true about myself and the world around me.

    Yes, I use it to explore "my actions", those beautiful and those ugly and all in between.

    In this place I can find lies I created in order to shield myself from my truths.

    In this place I can find release from chaos.

    In this place I can find freedom.

    In this place I can find the totality that is Catherine Ann.

    In this place I am always safe and always at risk.

    So if you read something and it offends you, I am sorry for the discomfort it might cause but allow me to reassure you, it's about me...

    ... my darkness ... my light